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The Fog Clown

BARMON - Behold the flavour from the famous barley drink with a combination of lemons. It tastes exactly like a sweet barley lemon juice with an extra kick of freshness.

LYKOS - A blend of sweet lychee and cool blackcurrant that will freeze you away to heaven. Both juicy fruits combo will make you clown for more.

PINKOS - Is a funky blend of lemons, mixed berries & sodas. You will experience a kick of freezy refreshing lemonade with a twist of juicy mixed berries.   

MOJOS - This refreshing Mojos is an incarnation of the signature mango mojito cocktail. Feel the mango mojito rush through your veins in every puff. This wicked blend makes the combination of the vibrant flavours of mint, lime and a hint of mango, a taste that will haunt you forever!



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