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Humboldt Seed Organization

Humboldt Seeds is a brand based in Northern California in an area that is famously fantastic for top quality strains of cannabis. They are an organisation dedicated to medical marijuana and creating the most effective and potent medicinal cannabis on the market. They are already recognised as the best in the USA and their hope is to spread worldwide and help as many sufferers of diseases that medical marijuana can seriously help alleviate. They produce many types of seed that are user-friendly and one of these types is the auto flowering seed.

Auto Flowering seeds are excellent for those who are short on time or space or simply are a little bit new at this whole growing thing. They do as the name describes and auto flower meaning that they transform into their flowering stage from germination, completely passing over the vegetative stage. This means no separate plots for the two stages and no complex and irritating lighting regimes or waiting for the correct season to grow.

Not only can they save you a lot of space, especially considering their ability to be kept at a short stature without damaging the plant, which can be very useful to those who wish to grow indoors with limited space, but they can also save you a lot of time. These handy little seeds can be ready for harvest in as little as 10 weeks, sometimes even fewer.  If you wish to cultivate your own seed harvest then auto flowering seeds can produce hundreds of seeds from as little as one inch tall.  All around they are very useful for novices and simply make life a whole lot easier for the more experienced amongst you.

Humboldt Seeds is a very green organisation, they make sure to recycle all waste, use organic nutrients, sustain the economy by buying locally, and they have integrated themselves, without any negative effects, into their natural surroundings and climate as quietly as possible without causing any upheaval in the natural order of things.
As a brand they really do have everything going for them.

Please remember that the growing of cannabis plants and the cultivation of seeds is illegal in some countries – please check the laws of your country and don’t be growing any plants if it is against your country’s laws.


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