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Auto-flowering, Feminised or Regular cannabis seeds?

Auto-flowering, Cannabis seeds, Feminised Regular -

Auto-flowering, Feminised or Regular cannabis seeds?

One of the most common questions among new growers is “what' the advantages and disadvantages between Auto-flowering, Feminised and Regular seed?” Have a little read below, hope this is of some help.

Auto-flowering seeds come from Indica or Sativa plants which were crossed with the Ruderalis plant!

OK so what the F*** does that mean???

Well! The Ruderalis plant flowers automatically and quickly (generally within 2 to 4 weeks) and known for their ability to bloom in five weeks. The problem with Ruderalis plant is that they contain hardly any THC. I take it you’ve guessed by now that this is the reason why they are crossed? And yep your right. The result of crossing the ruderalis plant with an Indica or Sativa plant is that it creates a fast-blooming variant with a high THC content and good flower heads. In a nut shell, auto-flowering seeds flower in a shorter period of time, require less care than regular or feminised seedsand change to flowering automatically without the need for change in the light cycle,an ideal choice for less experienced growers, but have become a valid alternative for the most demanding growers. In case you were wondering, yes, the auto-flowering seeds are also feminised. Most auto-flowering varieties are smaller in size so you’re gonna get a smaller yield per plant but it requires less maintenance so ideal for discreet crops, on balconies or terraces as regardless of the hours of light they receive, they will develop buds.If your idea is to have a manageable marijuana plant, camouflaged among the flowers and pots on your terrace, auto-flowering seeds are, without a doubt, your option. 

Feminised cannabis seeds

Feminised seeds emerged in the late 90s as a response to the need to grow seeds that guaranteed the development of female plants. Feminised cannabis seeds are genetically altered to produce feminine plants, well at least 95% of the time. As it’s only the feminine cannabis plants that produce flowers you can see why this is a great advantage. The male cannabis plants don't produce flowers, contain little THC and can even influence the production of THC of feminine plants. The feminine cannabis plant produces considerably more working substances such as THC, CBD and CBN than a male cannabis plant. Cloudy Rooms only sell feminised cannabis seeds.

Regular seeds

The plants from regular cannabis seeds can both be male and feminine. If you have ordered 10 regular cannabis seeds for instance, you can’t know if the plants will become male or female. When they are cultivated in good circumstances, you are more likely to grow feminine plants.


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